Monday, 9 February 2009

Next to the Wood

Harper's birthday was last Thursday, and we all wrestled with finding the perfect gift for the one-year-old who has everything he needs and more. My mum came up with the excellent idead that a custom-made toybox would be the ticket. Kimberley decided on required dimensions, and my dad spent a chunk of time planning the venture.
My contribution so far has been to drive him to the DIY centre and then to the actual branch of the DIY centre that sold MDF and would cut it so it would fit into the boot. Dad enthused over the cutting device they use, then the chap started doing the cutting and Sweeney and I beat a hasty retreat to investigate a forklift in the drive-through area. He still freaks out from time to time at loud power tool noises.
He was most pleased that the back seat beside his seat was lain down so he'd be next to the wood on the journey home. "Next to the wood??" he said over and over and over.

I promised to make a pudding for tonight's dinner with the grandparents and grandsons and us inbetween. Was reminded yesterday by Charlotte of a great book that I don't use nearly enough these days - Donna Hay's Off the Shelf - and I knocked up a Peach and Raspberry tart before we headed up there. I have to thank my neighbour Libby for lending me her mixing wand thingy, or I'd still be creaming the butter and sugar.
Kimberley put out cold roast chicken, potato salad with gherkins in it, a yummy lettuce salad with boiled eggs and mint, and the world's best dinner rolls that I found a stash of at Island Bay New World. So delicious.

The tart turned out great, although not as attractive as Charlotte's, or indeed, Donna Hay's. I think I have to work on my photographic skills also. I'll go easy on myself and all it rustic.

And here's something that I've been taking some credit for, but actually had next to nothing to do with. These are the first tomatoes to come in from my garden. I've learnt a lot about vegetable gardening this year, and had some success, but I've been intermittent and inconsistent in the nurturing of my seedlings. The tomatoes taste great, and there are more that'll be ready tomorrow. I'm hoping there'll be enough to make a lovely zesty penne-type something for family dinner before we whisk Mum off to the airport.
She really fancies salmon, and I have some in my special stash that I really want to use to make something special for her on this trip. Watch this space to see if I get there, or if we all end up with cheese on toast ...

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