Saturday, 14 February 2009


Today we went to Harper's birthday barbecue at Neil and Becc's house. Dad got Sweeney all hopped up on fanta - bubble drink - before we left, and he got a bit confused and called it a bubbleque. I like that better, so I'm keeping it. I made a cake for my little nephewpal out of the Moosewood archives. It's a vegan concoction, entirely delicious.
Once again, my neighbour Libby came to the rescue by lending me a cake tin. Where has my baking equipment gone?? There've been a number of culls over the last few years, but I'm pretty certain I would've held onto my cake tin, and the other bits and pieces I can no longer locate.
Dad finished Harper's new toybox yesterday. It's very cool and Harper's lucky. He may not feel that lucky when he has to put his toys back in it, day after day.
Back to the cake. Yes, delicious. Yes, no animal products. Yes, nobody complained that there wasn't enough animal product. Gods helps me, there's a ton of sugar in there, though. I want to make this many more times, but I'll try adding stewed fruit or mashed banana in place of at least some of the sugar.
Luckily, tomorrow is Sweeney's Grandad O'Neill's birthday, so we need another cake...

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