Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Hostipapable II

We went to see Martin in hospital tonight. He sounded pretty chirpy yesterday, but we had a really busy day on the go, and he wasn't feeling up to a visit with a bouncy toddler after some invasive procedure during the day. So we popped up tonight after dinner. As we walked in, his nurse told us he wasn't so good today, he'd been sore and sick and sleeping a lot, and there's still no definitive diagnosis for him. What she didn't tell us was that he's bright yellow-green coloured, and when I woke him at her urging, he was violently, horribly ill.
We left smartly so he could get back to his cave, and of course Sweeney chose this moment to want to travel by both stairs and lift, and sobbed all the way back to the car because I chose the stairs.
This is hard, but apart from a little boo hoo of my own as we headed outside, there can be no more moping. Sweeney likes for me to be vertical and chirpy and piling cheese on crackers for as much of the day as possible, so no room for moping.
In other news, Sweeney's sleeping in his cot for the last time tonight. We bought a Thomas the Tank Engine blanket for his New Special Bed today, and he's snuggled up in it with his toys and books for his last night in the cot.

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