Friday, 8 May 2009

Home on the (O)range

I've just made these glorious muffins and, I know it's silly to read too much into things, but I really didn't believe they'd turn out okay, but they have, and on such a grotty, chilly day where the most interesting thing I expect to be doing is paying the gas and power bill, which just kills me because of the trauma of having both the gas and power misbehaving, to have your muffins come out okay, when they went in all sloppy-looking like they did, feels like a triumph on the same level as emerging alive from Auschwitz.
Thanks, Louise, for the recipe!!


Nana's Lady said...

Your blog is making me lately! I was out for a few days and come back and there are orange cakes and muffins and sultanas! I agree, it can mean a lot when a simple recipe comes through for you in the end.

Louise said...

Glad you liked them! I've recently veganised the recipe and it turns out just as nice. These are Alex's favourite muffins to take to work for lunch.

I think I might have to try veganising the orange cake. Sounds yum.

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