Thursday, 7 May 2009

I See Red

Sweeney cut preschool yesterday afternoon, we grabbed Bela and trundled out to meet Joe and Harper at Pataka to see the I See Red exhibition. It's the second time I've been to it - we went last year in Christchurch - and I still haven't seen more than about twenty seconds of the exhibition itself. There really is no point taking two excitable preschoolers, no matter how delightful you think they are, if you want to see the beautiful art. There's a lot of interactive bizzo for the kids, but even that didn't absorb them as much as running around in the lovely spaces and shouting at each other. Harper of course was his usual sunny self and happy to toddle about being chirpy and under control.
On the drive out there, they sat in the back seat and chatted. On and on and on until I was grateful for the terrible weather distracting me from them. Gorgeous, though. I realised I'd never heard Sweeney have a conversation of any length with another kid before. I know he has great pals at preschool, but I don't see a whole lot of that in action. It's usually him and me and/or other adults, or him and some other kid who's a bit older or younger to talk to him on exactly his level.
On the drive back, they sat in the back seat and displayed innumerable signs of tiredness. It was looking like someone was going to have be expelled from the car - I vote that it's me!! - but a bag of sultanas was located and previous chirp levels were restored.
Brilliant. Back at Bela's house, we all agreed that this will happen more.

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Nana's Lady said...

I love that photo and that they both have big smiles plus splashes of red in their outfits. Your boy is such a beauty.

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