Saturday, 23 May 2009

Love in a Cold Climate

Oh, brrrrr. A southerly that made the news, rain that just beats on and on and on, temperature that refuses to jump too far into double figures. Sometimes Wellington's quite hard going.
When we got home this afternoon, we kept warm by doing chores. Genius move, it turns out. Chores that have been accusing me with their undone-ness for days were ticked off before dinner, then there was dinner, then I did more chores while Sweeney kicked back with his warm milk and watched Crufts on telly. Crufts!!
Sweeney's bed was freshly made when he climbed into it, his face was washed and his teeth were brushed. Even the cat was looking smart.
Sweeney's books and toys are all stowed, our shoes are all hung up on the shoe rack, clothes and towels are all folded and put away and the only dishes on the bench are from dinner. The washing's done and on the drying frame, Sweeney's bag is packed for preschool on Monday, the compost is in the compost bin, my bedroom is almost completely tidy.
The only shame of it is that there are still about a million chores that need doing, but that's tomorrow's business, I think. Right now, I'm off for some knitting in front of Poirot, until I go subzero ...

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