Monday, 11 May 2009

La Mer

Busy day. Sweeney and I whizzed out to Silverstream to see Sweeney's Grandma at the Home of Compassion. We joined her and Grandad O'Neill for Mass and a hot drink and a visit afterwards. Sweeney got a lot of attention, what with being the youngest there by about 700 years.
Picked up Harper for a bit of respite for his flu-ridden parents, and we headed out to see Sweeney's Granny - his great-grandmother - in Alicetown. The two boys pottered around at her house and got a lot of biscuits when they all thought I wasn't looking ...
Back to Wellington, and we did some running up and down Lyall Bay in the frrreeeeezing cold. Dropped Harper off and home to call my own mother.
Long story short - love you, Mum!! Love you, Kimberley!! Love you, Sweeney!!


Nana's Lady said...

What's the home of compassion?

Sounds like you have some lovely friends!

Heart Felt said...

Hasn't been cold! Sadly many more weeks of it....keep warm. xx

Kimberley said...

Sweeney is so cheesy. Love him. H is wearing the purple cardigan that you made for Sweeney today, it's huge on H.

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