Sunday, 3 May 2009

I Don't Know How To Love Him

Or I Don't Know Why I Bother. Good grief, I'm cowering in the corner while my child, who was sleeping gorgeously fifteen minutes ago, screams and wails and slumps on cushions.
No, wait, the noise is dying down, his head's no longer spinning. Those apple slices must be metabolising in him.
In other, happier, news, this is what we've been reading this week. I'm not sure what the message in The Cat in the Hat Comes Back is, but it's fun.
Willy and Hugh is lovely. Sweeney's got a number of books about boys being misfits, but gain acceptance somehow or other. Willy's a loner chimp and Hugh's a gorilla who runs into him. Long story short - they complete each other.
The runner-up in the misfit story category is called Oliver Button is a Sissy, about a boy who likes to dance, not play games with boys or watch sport on telly. He takes part in a talent show, doesn't win, but his parents think he's terrific and the kids at school who thought he was a dork show that they're really quite impressed. He's so used to being dissed, he takes the newfound admiration in stride.
It was a nice lull, but Sweeney's now insisting that he'll be going to bed in his clothes tonight. Time to go parent like crazy ...

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