Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Being sick is such a drag. One of my resolutions for the year is to keep healthy, and it only takes a day or three of feeling sub-optimal to remind myself of why it made the list. Sweeney's great, but outside of preschool, during the week, he only has me to play with, so I need my best game at all times. Thank goodness for Sudafed.
I'm taking part in a survey related to telly viewing and radio listening habits. I don't want to out myself as a viewer of utter garbage, nor do I want to lie to a survey, so I'm making an effort to clean up my viewing act. It's made me realise that I don't actually seriously watch much - more usually there'll be something on while I'm cooking or doing chores about the house, or reading blogs, or crafting, and I'm in and out of the room, or even the house.
Sweeney's been watching a programme called Yo Gabba Gabba in the morning. I know, I know, it makes me the world's worst parent, but the show itself's actually not so bad, and breakfast goes into his body, just like that. The alternative is for breakfast to take ninety minutes of sitting at the table with him, and reminding him, reminding him, reminding him to eat, so I'm all for letting telly help me out. This morning, Mark Mothersbaugh, one of my teenage heroes, was a guest.
And before anyone says that I should just let Sweeney not eat his breakfast in the morning, just don't go there, girlfriends ... we have a twenty-or-so minute walk each morning to preschool, and he needs a full tank of gas before we hit the road.
Speaking of preschool, today was Pyjama Day. The kids all came in their pyjamas, and the teachers were in their pyjamas. There was a slumber party area - bowls of popcorn, a dvd of the Bee Movie - as well as the usual things that go on at preschool. Sweeney was excited about wearing his pyjamas with his friends. For most parents, it was a dream come true - no arguments about what to wear today.
Here's Sweeney with his lovely friend, Olivia. In their pyjamas. Thanks, EIK!!

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Nana's Lady said...

Sometimes kids' shows really help when things are overwhelming. I often find it handy when I'm trying to get dinner on and everyone is crowding around me and tugging on me. Okay! Okay! Let's watch a show guys!

A pajama party! Fun!

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