Thursday, 27 August 2009

Funeral Blues

Sweeney and I had a big breakfast yesterday morning, and set forth for Granny's funeral. The service was lovely, the turnout was huge and the spread for the cup of tea afterwards was nothing short of stunning. From that point on, not a single item of nutritional value made it into either of our bodies for the rest of the day.
Horrified as Martin's brothers and cousins and uncle carried her coffin out of the church, but no Martin. Funny how you have no clue when things will hit you.
Back to Hume St for some drinks and catching up. Old ladies made a cheek-squeezing fuss of Sweeney, then his uncles and aunties ran around like puppies with him until we packed it in and headed home after some fabulous fish and chips on Granny's table. He was snoring just after 7pm, and stayed that way for twelve hours.
Here's Sweeney with his Aunty Catherine, up for the day from Dunedin. She's awesome. It was great to see her, even though the circumstances sucked. See you again soon!!

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