Sunday, 23 August 2009

Yes, We Have No Bananas

Did you know that a banana can be:
  • an elephant trunk;
  • a giraffe;
  • a yellow caped monster coming to get you?
I have it on good authority that it can be all of those things. Also, can operate quite well for eating.
But only as a last resort, once the room's been cleared of exotic animals and superbeasts ...
In other news, I saw a bunch of people dressed as Wizard of Oz characters going to a screening of Grease at the Embassy today. Those crazy kids.
In other, other news, I'm intrigued by what's humourous to a three-year-old. He was just about sobbing with laughter at the first two minutes of an episode of Penguins of Madagascar. Must be something about penguins and traffic cones that I just don't get. I do, however, enjoy a lot of the script, especially the monkeys who talk a lot about flinging pooh.

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