Monday, 10 August 2009

Enjoy Yourself

You know how I was complaining about my rubbish weekend last weekend? And how so many weekends were turning out rubbish and what a stink trend that was?
Well, we cracked it this weekend. We, and I really mean 'we', have had an ace weekend.
We went visiting, we had visitors. We ate terrible saturated fats and we ate delicious, wholesome victuals. We played cars, read stories, watched Bo On the Go, rode bikes, ran up and down the street, drew pictures, talked and talked and talked. We partook of outdoor knitting and did chores around the house.
And all without any of the histrionics from last weekend - a few well-placed timeouts when things went a bit wobbly - that was it.
Perfect. Now, if every weekend can be like that until I die, I'll be rather chuffed ...


Nikki said...

Lovely meeting you on Sunday and thanks heaps for coming along :D

As we were leaving Hannah asked "You know that boy who was with us?... Was his name Sweetie?"


I thought it was cute.

Kimberley said...

I can't fathom how you managed to make your heart the wrong way. Special.

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