Monday, 24 August 2009

Say Hello To My Little Friend

This afternoon I picked up Harper from creche and we ran some errands before we headed for the beach. He's a nice chap, Harper, and I don't often see him on a just him-and-me basis. It's kind of special, getting to run off with him for the afternoon. He does things that remind me so much of Sweeney at his age, and things that are completely new to me and Totally Harper. I liked that time with Sweeney, when we roamed the streets, looking for buses and road works and dogs to point out and laugh about, and parked up at Lyall Bay to watch planes land and take off.
Sweeney and I ate Nigella cheesy risotto for dinner. Sorry, he ate two pears and twelve rice crackers, then some cheesy risotto. He took some persuading about the risotto, was certain he didn't like it. Then he tried a sliver and wolfed the lot, even the chives on top.
I think it's fueled him up for action, rather than making him all round-tummied and sleepy. It's 9.30pm and he's singing and banging on the wall from his bed.
In other news, I've started reading The Time Traveler's Wife for book club. I've undertaken to write a review, so I really think I should read the whole thing by the deadline and demonstrate a clue or two about it.
And happy, happy, happiest birthday to two of my favourite people in the world - Lee and Rex!!


Nana's Lady said...

Is that a picture of you? I hope so, because I wanted to see what you looked like. Whoever it is, she has very lovely dark hair! It is a fun age. I like special times with my nephew too.

Hey, it turns out you are my older Austin sister! Try to knock some sense into me, won't you?

Kimberley said...

oh my god, he's saying Nose. He says Nose a lot. He's got a thing about noses.

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