Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Salad Days

Man, what a scorcher today. Glorious to wander home at snails pace with an ice block, then eat dinner outside and play outside until bathtime. If only summer wasn't due to be over by midday tomorrow again ...
All I have is a list of random musings ...
  • Robert Downey Jr is an amazing actor;
  • criminy, the prices for food down Lambton Quay are astronomical. Quite the motivator for making my lunch in the mornings;
  • I can't believe petrol's going down in price when I've got a full tank and hardly use the car anymore;
  • Sweeney's sitting on the stairs, calling for me to come out of the living room and give him ... something. I think it's attention, but who knows?? He absolutely HAS to get to sleep earlier than he has been lately. He was awake at 10.30pm last night, and got up at 6.30am this morning. Which was great for getting out of the house on time this morning, but word from preschool is that he flew off the handle and cried for no discernible reason ... several times this morning, then snoozed big time this afternoon. And of course he's still awake and kind of furious that I'm not responding ... *sigh*;
  • I love my Vivs, but I feel like it's been forever since I wore my Chuck Taylors;
  • I've got to finish the bees I've been putting together for Amy's graffiti knitting;
  • I've eaten salad every day since last Monday. Sweeney ate a bowl of grated carrot and a bowl of sliced beetroot for his dinner tonight, followed by three bananas, two pears, three crackers with tomato and maybe a litre of water;
  • then he did a looooooong wee in the bath. *blerg*
In other news, check this out from Minnie Cooper. See some actual New Zealanders you're keeping in a job when you buy New Zealand-made shoes and bags. Thrill to the awesome skills these people have, and the cool machinery they use to make wicked stuff. And they're having a sale just now, too ...

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Catherine and clan said...

Hey Angela and Sweeney, can totally relate to the not going to sleep deal. At the moment Philip and William are sharing a room but we have to put William to sleep in our bed as he's still awake when Philip goes to bed and then all hell breaks out in that room. Aaaargh. And the weathers been too crap for them to go outside and get worn out running around. Hope the jobs going well, Catherine and clan

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