Sunday, 24 January 2010

Wild in the Country

Okay, today didn't go just how we planned for it to go, but it was awesome nonetheless. Kimberley and I had a plan to take our kinders to the Greytown Arts Festival, and we were on our way mostly on time, and we had provisions packed for a picnic of sorts, and we got as far as Greytown ...
and then we decided to just keep going to Carterton, because both the boys looked like they were on the verge of kip, and we thought we'd give them a chance to refresh. But they didn't go to sleep, and we ended up in a leafy park in Carterton, running around looking at trees, mushrooms growing at the base of trees, and most interestingly, a revolving sign advertising a bar down the road.
Hurrah for nature, in all its forms ...
And I can't remember exactly how this tummy-reveal came about, but it made total sense at the time.
And did I mention that it was about a million degrees, with a cloudless sky and a slight breeze?? Hurrah for the weather side of nature.
In other news, Sweeney looked like this up until 11:30am yesterday:
Now he looks like this: Thanks, Colette at Hair By Ange!! I just had to go there, what with it being the same as my name and all ... These things are more hilarious in my head, I think ...

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