Sunday, 17 January 2010

Sunday Morning

Ahhhh, bliss. To get up in the morning and churn out some breakfast for the young'un, hand over parenting to Playhouse Disney, and pile back to bed with a great book and a pile of jammy toast for an hour. Mmmmm.
Then off to see my friend Pauline, who's in town from Woy Woy for a stretch. Fabulous to see her and her parents. Then off for a swim at the pool.
Loving going to the pool at the moment. We spend time in the teensiest pool, where Sweeney can do a bomb off the side with no danger of even his shoulders getting wet. I think we both find the sprinkler wonderland pool just a pain in the rump, what with the sprinklers and their infernal sprinkling. So today I forged further into pool-land than ever, and we found a pool that goes quite deep and lets us bob around together, do some dunks, horse around a bit more.
I've never learnt to swim, but I'm verrrry keen that Sweeney does. I congratulate myself every time I put my head under water to encourage Sweeney to do it, because it freaks me out and I'm verrrry keen that it doesn't freak him out.
What else is happening? Well ...
  • I'm knitting some bees for the Greytown Arts Festival. All Amy's idea ...;
  • Sweeney spent yesterday at Bela's house. They put on a series of shows for adoring audiences consisting of combos of Rex, Liisa and myself. And they did a whole lot of other stuff;
  • I had my first week of the Proper Job and I don't think it went too badly;
  • Home life is extremely busy, what with trying to be organised and keeping us from eating pizza five nights a week;
  • Made a cake with nectarines on it tonight, based on Donna Hay's Peach and Raspberry cake. Awesome; and
  • Sweeney invited me to a party being held by an alligator. In his room. Tonight. At bedtime. All the toys in his bedroom were there, too. We had a great time. I think I'll be calling Guest Pooh later in the week, see if he's hooked up, maybe ...

So, as you can see, it's all go around here ...

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