Monday, 18 January 2010

My Name is Prince (William)

My co-workers and I went down to the Supreme Court to check out Prince William this morning. Girlie took a great photo of the pillar he was behind for most of the event, Andrew made unhelpful comments about how we couldn't see anything, and I actually quite enjoyed myself. Not that I don't usually enjoy myself, but, well, I really did think it'd be just dumb, but the sound of girls squealing as he approached, and the chorus of little kids around us complaining that they couldn't see, and then when we'd all moved about a bit so they could see, well, it became clear that they had no idea what they were coming to see ... flipping magic.
And you know, I kind of like young William. Maybe I've just got old, but he seems nice.
Later, there was a fire alarm and we had to stand in the sun for twenty minutes. More magic.
And when I'm actually in the office, doing actual work, I'm kind of liking it. Do-able, and interesting.
Then, when I think things can't be better for someone who is Actually Me, I find that 30 Rock is on. I'm writing this while I watch it. Sweeney's probably setting fire to something somewhere.

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Susan L (lily40au) said...

Never mind your moving wasn't appreciated ... brownie points to you for doing something nice.

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