Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Row Row Row ...

Your Boat. You know the song. It's top of Sweeney's hit parade right now. He held my hand all the way to preschool this morning - in itself, unusual - then while we waited to cross at the lights, he made us spin around, slowly mind, singing Row Row Row Your Boat.
Then of course, when the light went green for us, he couldn't walk a straight line.
Joe and Harper came for a visit later in the day, so I knocked up some banana pikelets. Quite a hit with the 'Poon. So much so that I made up some more for Sweeney's post-preschool snack. He's developed a technique for avoiding eating things he's not interested in - he offers them around, which is nice, and I love hearing how he does it - "you want a pikelet??". Anyway, he didn't care for them at all.

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Heart Felt said...

Oh yes.....thats one of our favs too - except we have to do it really fast!

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