Saturday, 18 April 2009

President Gas

I'm trying to work out what the universe is trying to tell me, what with what's been happening here over the last two weeks. Woke up this morning and thought about how cool it'd be to finish off washing the front of the house. Walked out the door to do it, was nearly knocked unconscious by the now-not-ignorable smell of gas.
Long story short, I'm awaiting a quote from the gasfitter to sort out all the pipe under the house that's corroded because the %!"£!*&^ builders, who did the renovations eight years ago, laid the concrete path over water heating pipes without sleeving them. Lazy, drug-addled idiots.
Sorry, that's as far away from incandescent rage as I can get right now.
Oh, and we have no cooking or hot water until I can come up with 50% downpayment on getting the work done - currently estimated at between $2,500 and $6,000. Off to knock over a bank ...

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