Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Straight to Hell

Who gets grumpy at tai chi class?? I do. Goodness knows why. I had to leave.
In other news, I made pita bread and sewed up a variegated-sort-of-pink kimono. While I did it, I sat on the deck in the sun and listened to the chattiest tui ever. He just went on and on and on. Pippi lounged under a bench seat and a ginger cat two doors over scaled Geoff's olive tree and tiptoed around its branches. Good to see native bird life is under no threat from the local cats.
You can't get better than that. So what's with me?
I blame the pineapple that was in the mystery casserole graciously donated to us by Grandad O'Neill. Make no mistake, I cannot tolerate pineapple in a savoury setting.
Grumpy and ungrateful and fussy and just plain horrible ...

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Christy said...

That's weird, I get depressed while doing yoga sometimes. I had to stop in the middle yesterday too. I don't know why this is. I made a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast and I think it tastes like sawdust. Pineapple's best just fresh and alone, I think.

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