Monday, 6 April 2009

Working on the Weekend

Today is our friend Alfie's eighth birthday. He's eight. His mum and dad are two of my oldest friends. The day before Sweeney was born, I felt out of sorts and even more lumpy than usual, so we went up to their place and I crawled from gorgeous sofa to gorgeous sofa around their house. Best day of my life.
Anyway, happy birthday, Alfie!!
At the weekend we did stuff at the front of the house. Pruned the rose and diagnosed Black Spot. Clipped back all the valerian that grows in all the cracks in the concrete and takes over the paths. Dug out the dock plant that hides under the borage. Deadheaded the agapanthus and tried digging some of it out. It's really hard stuff to dig and I don't think I'm up to it.
I tried washing the front of the actual house itself. I made good progress but didn't notice that the casing on the power cable that runs into the house had come loose until there was a bang!! sound and a little flame and some crackling and hissing. I ran in and out of the house a few times, then back to the front of the house and it banged!! again, so I called the fire brigade - first time caller, long time observer of fire engines - and they didn't laugh at me or hang up on me. In fact, they sent round two of the nicest, friendliest firemen who checked the meter box and the fuses and admired the clean side of the front of the house. They assured me that the cable would dry out in the warm breeze, and to get the casing reattached before attempting more washing.
Kimberley and Harper were over at the time, but Sweeney was off on a bike ride with Joe and missed the visit. Last time he came close to a fireman, he was still crawling and we were at a creche fair with a petting zoo and firemen and a man who made animals from balloons, and Sweeney wasn't interested in the fire engine like all the other boys, he just tried to pull himself up on the fireman's big thick - possibly asbestos - trousers.
We met up with Liisa and Bela yesterday at Te Papa. The Colossal Squid was a bust. The Earthquake House was unacceptable to Bela, but a joyride for Sweeney. Crawling through the whale heart was a bit of fun. The exhibition of introduced animals - deer, rabbits etc - was a thrill. The Pasifika interactive area absorbed them both - drums, puzzles, cushions, craft activies using scissors.
At home later, Sweeney decided it was time for some role play:

S: Hi, I'm Ange!
A: Oh okay. Hi, I'm Sweeney!
S: Yes, I'm Ange. I'm your mum. You need a fresh nappy!
A: Sure, have a go. And what's for dinner??
S: Oh, we'll have ... sauce!

Sauce it is, then ...

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