Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Up and Running

Well, we got through Day Four of camping in our house. The gasfitter-plumber-types were just clearing out when I got back at 6.45pm last night, and there is indeed hot running water and an oven with actual gas actually coming out in an appropriate fashion. Bliss. Thanks, Hullett Plumbing & Gasfitting!
I did my bit for a sustainable lifestyle and took Sweeney into the shower with me this morning. Ewww, I know, but he had a yukky, chesty-sounding cough and I thought the steam would be nice for him. Seemed to work, there was barely a cough out of him for the rest of the day. Also, having a two-year-old in the shower with you means that you're in and out jolly fast - that whole non-sharing thing that they do really comes to the fore over who gets the hot water blast on a cold morning.
He has such a great time on his trike when we're at P Lane, I figured that he should get the hang of riding his trike in our street. The traffic's a bit more hairy, and the wee hill at the north end of the street has already got bits of his knees embedded in it from his scootering. He got speed wobbles at one point, but didn't fall off until he looked around at me with glee all over, hit a bump at the bottom of the hill and came a cropper. Once the sobbing had subsided, he was dead keen to do it again. And again and again ...
We squeezed in a visit with Geoff-next-door, Martin came over for dinner and a spot of hanging out with Sweeney, Mum called to check on the invalid.
What with the autumn sun and the lovely company, it came out a pretty splendid day today.

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Miss Smith said...

We have showers with our littlies quite often- and they are one of the nicest parts of the day, I must say!
Glad you have power again...
And, I love your header photo, that is a really amazing shot.

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