Wednesday, 22 July 2009

And Dream of Sheep

If you've read Kimberley's blog - and you really should, because she's an actual writer - you'll know that her boy Harper's having a bit of trouble with the snoozing right now, and it's driving them mad. Over here we have a slightly different issue arising. Tonight I put Sweeney to bed at 8pm, with a cup of warm milk and a pile of stories, just like usual. I usually leave him to it for a while, and sometimes I go back after 15 minutes to find he's already asleep. If he's awake, I read him stories, then it's lights out.
Tonight he booby trapped his room. Flipping ingenious, I have to admit. I heard him get out of bed, but I stayed away, because he often gets up for a few minutes. When I went to see how he was getting on, he'd set up a pile of blocks right beside his door, so they made a huge racket when I opened the door.
And woke him up.
Which, he told me, was just what he wanted.
"Read me a story, Mum??"
Well, okay, sure ...

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