Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Man in the Moon

Sweeney and I spent a few hours with Rex and Martin tonight. Sweeney played with the simply enormous digger and the rather noisy tractor on the floor, sang some songs, chatted to us and then melted down when he wasn't allowed to clean out the biscuit trolley.
Time to go. But before that, it was blissful. Every now and then, Martin made a noise that I choose to interpret as him telling us that he could hear us telling stories about him, and he wanted to tell Sweeney what a great song he was singing, or what a hilarious thing he'd just said, or what a good job he was doing banging his digger against the bed leg. Hurrah.
Anyway, the questions have moved on. When will Dad wake up? When will Dad get out of bed? When will he pick me up from preschool again? So tonight we had a little session about how none of those things will be happening again, and in fact, he's going to go away and we'll never see him again. We were looking outside at the night sky. Long story short, the word on the street is that Martin's moving to a new flat.
On the moon.
I don't know quite how we got there, especially as I actually had a plan that went another way, but as our chat meandered, I figured that these were things that Sweeney could grasp - he knows Martin's moved house a few times in the last year, and he takes a lot of notice of the moon.

Not exactly hilarious, I know, but much more fun than the last few days. Thanks to everyone who's sent kia kaha-type comments and emails and phone calls!! I can feel chirp levels rising ... oh, and the photo is of Sweeney at home tonight, just before bed, saying Cheese!!!


Nikki said...

Tearily hilarious. I think it was the "word on the street bit" in particular that did it for me.

I'm sure it'll be something that will stick with the Sweeney kid and it'll be nice to be able to always look at *something* and remember his dad.


speckled egg said...

I think it's a fabulous way to interpret it. You are doing so well what a lucky wee fellow to have such a strong Mum.

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