Thursday, 2 July 2009

Seesaw, Margery Dawe

Our visits to the hospital have given Sweeney a new nursery rhyme - Seesaw, Margery Dawe. So nice. Those children's tiles are working out lovely.
This morning I woke up and couldn't smell the coffee. My nose and my entire head are congested. Finally have to admit I've got a cold. Grotty. The upside is that I'm attributing my malaise in the last few posts to the cold, not an onset of Bleakness, and it makes me feel a trillion times better than I felt yesterday. Spurred me to get in supplies for containing the cold before it goes stratospheric - lots of soft tissues, hot Panadol drinks, water. Sweeney's cold seems better, though.
He made a helicopter yesterday out of a tissue box and some ice block sticks. There's a blue squiggly drawing on the side, which is apparently me. I've never been on a helicopter, but now I'm kind of interested. I don't wear blue very often, either, so maybe I'll wear my denim skirt tomorrow.
We had macaroni cheese tonight, from Nigella Express. It truly is Express, no white sauce, just an egg custard-sort of arrangement with lots of cheese and pasta. Sweeney falls on anything with cheese, so dinner went like the Indy 500.


Heart Felt said...

Poor you, hope you are feeling better soon. xx

speckled egg said...

You poor thing. Before I had children, getting a cold was a nice excuse to take it easy, snuggle up and feel sorry for self-not so easy these days is it? Take care xx

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