Monday, 20 July 2009

Sunny Afternoon

Tonight we had my cousin Doug, over from Sydney, over for dinner. Lovely. He got to meet Joe and Harper for the first time, and see Sweeney for the first time since he was born. He was observant enough to remark on the difference in Sweeney between then and now.
When I say dinner, I mean that Joe brought pizza over. Sheer genius. In any event, Sweeney was a little overawed by a new chap in the living room, and made a few attempts to share his Cars stickers with him, but I think a little of his new shyness came over a bit.
In other news, I had a nap today. The sun was streaming into my room. I love that. As I lay in bed thinking nap-type thoughts, I heard Sweeney outside making horrid spitting noises at Frank and Arthur next door. Then Dad telling him not to be so horrid. Then Frank and Arthur next door arguing over a car. Then Sweeney noisily opening and closing a door with Harper on the other side. Then a van parking outside and two men chatting swearily about something. Then Sweeney running into my room and running out again. Then the two boys running up and down the hallway outside my room.
And so it went on until it was time to get up, have a shower and go pick up Doug for dinner.
Mmmm, refreshing ...

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Nana's Lady said...

Funny how we still call those things naps, isn't it, what with the circus going on in the background. I know what you mean. Missed your blog while I was away.

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