Friday, 17 July 2009

Beautiful Day

An intermittently sunny day today - so good after a grotty week. I think we've all had enough of the gloomy bits of the last few weeks, so here are some good things that've happened this month:
  • I've spent time with lots of great people, some of whom I haven't seen in ages;
  • a bunch of us have put a lot of effort into looking on the bright side of life ... and, ahem, death;
  • Sweeney's grown another centimetre;
  • Dad made me two bacon sandwiches today;
  • Mum made me a bread and butter pudding on Wednesday;
  • Sweeney says "okay, Mum" sometimes when I ask him to do something;
  • I've lost 2kg;
  • Sweeney's first ever child care person, Sue, came to the funeral. We haven't seen her since March last year;
  • I made it through a death-defying hangover yesterday without taking a nap or biting anyone's head off;
  • Sweeney and I have both shaken off our colds;
  • I had some delicious drinks with Liisa last Friday night at a variety of delightful bars;
  • the cat's decided to sleep somewhere other than with me. Brilliant - she's a real bully and pushes me out from underneath the duvet.;
  • I got to see an episode of 30 Rock this week;
  • Sweeney got to spend time with his Nana, Grandad, his Aunty Catherine and his cousins Katie and Philip;
  • Sweeney got to spend time with a gazillion people who told him how much he looks like his dad;
  • I've got a new respect for hospices;
  • Father Anthony told me that he rates Martin's odds of getting to heaven are running at 100%; and
  • today it was intermittently sunny. On Monday it's supposed to be totally sunny.


Kate Bruning said...

Hello gorgeous, gorgeous Sweeny's Mama, I have just been reading through your last few posts and I am blown away by your strength. Sweeny has certainly chosen the best mama possible to take him through this journey.
Thank goodness for comfort food and 30 Rock. I'll be thinking of you at 8pm tonight (Channel 4 for me too). Lots of love, Kate (is very greedy for colour) xxooxxoo

Heart Felt said...

Isn't amazing what a bit of sunshine can do for the heart and soul. Enjoy it while it lasts....xx

gabrielle said...

hello, saw your comment on heartfelt, i am the maker of Charlies wee hat and would be more than happy to make sweeney one if you let me know what size

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