Sunday, 19 July 2009


I've got a new wrinkle. On my forehead. I noticed it on Friday and I've given it a few days to make itself at home. It's right in the bit of my face that's been doing that frowning thing you do when you're assimilating bad news. Maybe I've only just noticed it because I'm not doing that anymore.
In other news from the weekend:
  • I totally went for it and made English-style roast chicken with all the trimmings, from How to Eat. KimberleyJoeHarper came over for dinner and we all pronounced it alllll riiiiiight. Even the children wound each other up by snaffling bits of each other's dinner from their bowls;
  • I totally went for it and stewed apples to make fruit rice custard for dessert, but I forgot about it, and in any case the spuds wouldn't brown and dinner was way later than it should've been. So they're baking now and we'll have them tomorrow;
  • Kimberley and I invoked our passes out last night and went to a movie. It was Summer Hours, at the film festival. With all due respect, avoid it. The coffee and pastry afterwards at Deluxe was magnificent, though;
  • Sweeney tried out the training wheels on his bike. We took him and Harper down to the rehab building at the end of the street and let them tootle around. He's riding a bike, for goodness' sake. I still remember when he couldn't hold his own head up, he was so teensy.
  • Sweeney implored his Grandad to play cars with him almost every second he was awake. His Grandad took him for walks, read him stories, fixed some toys and investigated some weird rear wheel action on his trike. And played cars, of course; and
  • I totally went for it some more and cleaned our downstairs - kitchen, living room, sunroom and the stairs. No big deal, you say. Anyone who knows me knows that this is a big deal. Unfortunately, running two small boys over the area a few hours later returned it to its pre-totally-going-for-it state.

Good weekend.

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