Sunday, 26 July 2009

Running Up That Hill

Okay, the guests have all left, the travellers passing through Wellington have all passed through, and Sweeney and I are back to how things were before ... everything that's been happening started to happen.
Yesterday we had lunch and an outing to the Weta Cave with my dad's brother Mal and his partner Lesley. They were over from Nimbin for Lesley's dad's funeral in Hastings. Sweeney got all helmet-ed up and he rode his bike down to meet up with them. When he'd finished eating hardly anything for lunch, he rode his bike around the paved area by Sweet Mothers. Brilliant.
Then we went out to Miramar, checked out the wee Weta museum and Mal and Lesley watched the behind the scenes film while Sweeney and I explored the neighbourhood outside. Also brilliant.

In other news, two things happened to me yesterday:
  • I felt my knitting mojo returning. Yesterday, Sweeney wore the jersey Kimberley made for him before he was born. It has brown, red and purple stripes. Terrific. I've got to learn how to knit on circular needles and finish off the spectacular red and brown hoodie I started making for him about 200 years ago; and
  • I dipped into Growing Great Boys, for a bit of a refresher on a few things. I'm still feeling a bit other-worldly, preoccupied with my own thoughts, and think those behaviour reward charts might be one way to keep Sweeney's teeth brushed and face washed.
And I got a migraine, the first in ages. Always feel reborn and truly nifty the morning after a migraine.


Catherine and clan said...

Hi Angela and Sweeney. I arrived home feeling totally disjointed, like I didn't belong here because everything happened in another world, another life. It will all take time. Sorry to hear you've had a migraine - hope you had someone to help when it was really bad. We've got Philip down with the flu so he's been in quarantine!! Please give Sweeney a big hug and kiss from his cousins, esp. Katie and Philip. Catherine

Clementine's Shoes said...

Firstly thanks for your comment on my blog. Comments are such a wonderful way to discover new and interesting blogs and the people behind them. Like yours!
I will have to add Growing Great Boys to my list of "books to keep an eye out for" As we enter into the terrible 2s I feel the need for a bit of extra guidance.
Best wishes with all that you and your son are dealing with right now.
I hope this link might help you with the circular knitting at least:

Heart Felt said...

Hope you are feeling better soon, take it easy. xx

Nana's Lady said...

I love your kate bush titles. Oh sorry about the migraine! I get those sometimes. Not good! And I'm very glad you are knitting.

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