Wednesday, 25 November 2009


What's hot ...

  • I made a list of chores that needed tending to, and spent all day Monday in a concerted effort to address them. Got lots done, but the list is still so long ... ;
  • my red sandals from Minnie Cooper. I don't think the photo on the link does them justice, though;
  • John Street Motors. I think maybe Mr John Street Motors has some sort of condition that means he really can't smile, or laugh, or respond to humour in any way, and he certainly never makes a joke himself. But he does do stuff on the car for a reasonable price, and it's ready by the time you agreed it would be, and nothing's fallen off that wasn't supposed to fall off. If you're in Wellington and you need stuff done on your car, lots of people recommend him as The Chap;
  • the bunch of sweet peas David cut for me and Sweeney, from his garden today. They made the car smell great until I got home, and now my bedroom smells great;
  • Little Dorrit - loving the BBC version at the moment. Feeling some Dickens creeping towards my reading list;
  • football - Sweeney and I went down to the carpark last night after dinner and kicked the ball around for what felt like hours. Long summer evenings - aren't they the best??;
  • the 6-pack of Spiderman undies I found in the Coin Save shop, just the right size for a small boy not too far from here; and
  • our neighbours, who picked Sweeney up from preschool today, gave him two of his favourite foods for dinner - sausages and cucumbers - and let him run riot with Frank and Arthur until I got home. You are so hot, chaps!!
What's not ...
  • Sweeney hollering and getting out of bed many, many times before he finally fell asleep tonight;
  • getting blisters from my old black slingbacks, the first time I wear them since January;
  • people complaining about how hot it is. Yes, it's hot, but it's going to get hotter, and crikey, this is Wellington, folks - not a New York heatwave or anything ... ; and
  • going to sleep before Sweeney the other night. Saddo, yes, and there's not a planet in the universe where that's hot.
That's what's going on at our place. Check out LoobyLu for other tabasco-flavoured links ...

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