Monday, 30 November 2009

It's Not (So) Unusual

This one's a series of information bites.
Yesterday was glorious, today it rained all day. Still sort of raining;
  • Sweeney ate spaghetti noodles and beetroot for his dinner. In this house, we say nutritional balance is for dorks;
  • We went to KimberleyJoeHarper's for dinner last night and took some fruit crumble. Sweeney assembled the crumble side of it, I'd already stewed up our on-the-way-out kiwifruit, apples, pears and oranges earlier. Kimberley turned out totally delish roast chicken, Nigella-style. Which I think means, she roasted two together;
  • Last time I parked on Clifton Terrace, about a million birds crapped on the car. Today, they just shook about a ton of leaves, twigs and berries onto it. Cheers!!;
  • We're going to a panto this weekend. I haven't been to one since I was a kid. Hoping it has a lot of eye popping and people not seeing things that are right behind them on stage. Hoping there'll be lots of men dressed as women, and rouge from here to breakfast. Hilarious. Hoping there'll be ice creams. With any luck, our sneaky plan to take Bela with us, then ensnare her for a sleepover, will come off;
  • Sweeney's in his room singing Twinkle Twinkle like he's auditioning to join AC/DC on the road. I must speak to his teachers; and
here's my entry in the My Place and Yours meme on Meet Me at Mike's and Little Suitcase ...
It's all about finding something "nyoice, that's different, that's unusual" around the house.
These are from last summer. There's a monarch butterfly and a Yellow Admiral in one box, and three million cicada husks in the other. I expect we'll chuck these soon, and replace with this year's offerings. It may not be clear in the photo, but the Admiral's pretty crumbly on it already.

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Anonymous said...

I love your banner photo with all those lady bugs!! Thanks for the kind wishes...I hope you do well with your interview tomorrow!
Try to block out anything that is not calming and positive...I know it is easier said than done, but just have something you like that you can focus on when your mind starts to race. Chele xx

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