Thursday, 26 November 2009

I Just Can't Stand It

I realised, when I was writing my Hot / Not Hot list, that it's hard to recall the garillion things that enrage me every day. Missing my turnoff, Sweeney dithering about getting into the car, the cat running in front of me all the flipping time, birds crapping on the washing ... it's a long and stupid and embarassing list.
I mean, I marched against the All Blacks tour of South Africa in 1985, for god's sake. I used to get well fired up about issues, politics, international relations, blah blah blah. I was well-informed, and appropriately indignant about it all, all the time.
All this is nothing compared to the fury that flares up in me when there's too much treble coming through the car stereo, Sweeney's kicking the back of the passenger seat again, and the chap in front of us is coasting at 30kph.
I've tried hard to remember that little pocket of time in order to share it with the world. Really what I'm doing is congratulating myself that I forget these atrocities pretty quickly, and they rarely pop up in my brain henceforth.
So, here's a nice picture of kittens ...


Anonymous said...

So true and funny eh!
These Hot & Nots can make you focus...good on Claire for introducing this meme!!!!
Just don't loose that photo of the kittens!
Chele x

PaisleyJade said...

Hi there... found your blog from here:

Awesome to meet some more Kiwi bloggers!!

Chris Tea said...

Eight million things happen in a day that drive me very close to insanity! Pictures of kittens are said to reduce stress is a study somewhere, I believe.

lily40au said...

Do I dare to say it ... is it a sign of getting old? LOL

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