Monday, 2 November 2009

The Optimist

It was supposed to rain in Wellington today, but it didn't. In fact, it was lovely and sunny and just perfectly warm.
Just before we left the house this morning, Sweeney said "Mum, I need to go to the toilet", and he bowled in and actually did a wee in the toilet.
This afternoon I went to the supermarket for bread and feminine hygiene products and I didn't forget to buy either of them, like I usually do. I didn't buy any biscuits, like I usually do.
I ran into a chap I know who runs a test consultancy and he told me to send him my cv, because he's simply oozing jobs right now.
I made my lunch this morning and remembered to take it with me and actually ate it. Even the yoghurt.
I parked for too long on Clifton Terrace, but I didn't get a ticket.
I woke up without the sharp, nasty THWANNGGG feeling in my head today, for the first time since last Thursday.
When Sweeney's bladder control went up against his commitment to Monster Trucks On The Deck, sadly it wasn't bladder control who won out. Happily, it was on the deck, so just a bit of hosing to clean up.
He ate all his dinner, drank his smoothie and snorkelled up a couple of pears for dessert.
Magic day, as it turns out.

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