Thursday, 19 November 2009

Hot Hot Hot

What's hot today ...
  • the weather. Long may it not rain;
  • the delicious - allegedly chicken - dinner that Kimberley made for us tonight;
  • the Hataitai Hot Bread Shop. Truly a great bakery, although there was no nutmeg on my custard pie. Just not traditional;
  • the folks in Homewood Ave - an ... affluent street in Karori - are having a fair on December 1st to raise funds for the Save the Children Fund. Go, you rich people!!;
  • Harper and Sweeney sorting out their own garden furniture this evening after dinner;
  • my elderflower cordial. I'll post more about this one day soon, because it deserves it. It also deserves to come with its own dental plan, it's so freakishly sweet, but that's another posting in itself ... ;
  • Robert Heinlein's The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. Who saw geeky sci-fi coming anywhere near my Hot list?? Not me, but I'm somehow absorbed;
  • Nurse Jackie. I found it a little annoying when she was holding everything together, but now, she's coming undone and it's much more interesting. You just don't see enough adulterous high-functioning drug addicts on the telly ...
What's not so hot today ...
  • the house I was in today, situated two blocks back from the beach, where they were building a huuuuge swimming pool. Crazy;
  • that I still haven't got the hang of chain stitch crochet. Must. Get. The. Hang. Of. It.;
  • Robert Heinlein's The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. Not Hot because it's made me realise Iain M. Banks isn't the super-original brainiac genius gigagod I thought he was;
  • me teasing Sweeney's friend Noah for the terrible bottom smell as we were leaving preschool tonight. Once it was just me and Sweeney in the hot, hot car in clogged traffic trying to get to KimberleyJoeHarper's, I realised it was all Sweeney. All. Sweeney.
*snurrgh* Sorry, Noah.
More Hotness than Not Hotness, and that's what counts. Anyhoo, check out Loobyloo's lovely blog for more people's Hotness and Not Hotness.

1 comment:

Carol Baicker-McKee said...

Love the ladybugs in your banner. So cool.
I too cannot get the hang of crocheting. I can sort of do a simple chain, but it's not terribly even. And double crochet? Triple crochet? Um, not happening. If you figure out the magic key, let me know.

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