Sunday, 15 November 2009

In My Room

Great day. I decided that I'd get my bedroom in order this weekend, and yesterday I didn't get near it, but today, I left the parenting to the Playhouse Disney channel for a few hours and put away three tons of clothes to break the back of it. Freshly laundered sheets and aired duvet are on the bed. Surfaces have been dusted and wiped down. Three or four feet of the floor have been vacuumed. I could go on.
Strangely, it still looks like a bombsite, but less so than this morning. I can feel the end is not too far away. I can feel that the front room will be hosting all the stuff from the bedroom that I don't want to have in the bedroom.
De-cluttering is hard. Sleeping in a room surrounded by all your clothes and everything you've read in the last six months is easy.
Then we had a party to go to, and I decided that wee Jessie would love a swan plant and a strawberry plant for her fourth birthday. Hope she does. Poor Sweeney fell asleep about 5km from their house, so I ran in and dropped the present off to Jessie's mum and dad, but then I saw Liisa and Rex and I was filled with a terrible longing to hang out with them, so - and I know I'm a terrible person sometimes - I went back to the car and whispered "parrrrrtyyyy" in Sweeney's ear for a long while, until he left off drooling and snoring and woke up enough to ask to be carried in there.
Long story short, he had a great time, although it's the first time I've seen him crawl under a table with a balloon to hug, while a clutch of four-year-old girls played Pass the Parcel in the adjoining room. And after we've been having bland, sensible food to help his tum stay calm, of course the gazillion chocolate crackles and strawberries, and the kilo of watermelon, and the half hour of solid trampolining, made for a bit of a relapse.
Got home, discovered the high winds today had snapped one of the poles holding our shade sail up. I made dinner, he rejected it in favour of a run down the street and back again - yay, daylight saving!! - which ended in a tumble and an extended exhausted howl that brought neighbours out to suss out the hubbub.
We're mad into playdoh right now, so had another session of it before piling Sweeney into bed. Mostly making food for Sweeney's dinosaur to eat - blue pizza, yellow and red bananas. Also made him an i-pod to keep him entertained between marauds.
I'm knackered. Really want to catch Mad Men, but it's looking doubtful, compared to an early night in the cleanest bed in Mt Vic.


V for Violet said...

I know exactly what you mean about decluttering with all the 'stuff' ending up in another room! You have inspired me to do my bedroom now! x

Kimberley said...

I need to see photographic evidence of the great de-cluttering.

Sarah said...

Hi Ange, I've recently discovered your blog and am enjoying your style of writing. Hurray for Kiwi Mummy bloggers! Good on you with the decluttering - I seem to forever be doing it. I hate the inbetween stage, whereby the cupboard or room is covered in various items to be sorted, shifted, binned, sold, reorganized etc. but the end results is always incredibly satisfying.

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