Monday, 16 November 2009

Right Here, Right Now

What's hot in our house right now?
  • Swdinner being ready to go straight away;
  • walking on my bedroom floor in bare feet and not contracting tetanus;
  • reading Hello Pooh, Hello Piglet for the grillionth time and still enjoying it;
What's not hot?
  • Sweeney nutting off at me from time to time - hope this is just a 'grow thing' and will stop soon;
  • the wind, and that it's going to rain tomorrow;
  • the dishes from today that I haven't got to yet, and won't get to until at least tomorrow morning ...
In other news, New Zealand won the football, the Santa Parade was apparently ace, and Kate and JB from across the road are in Thailand for two weeks. Oooh, sun and sand and fresh mango sliced up with a machete by a four-year-old for 10 baht ...

1 comment:

Virginia said...

It's always a positive to not contract tetanus while walking through one's own bedroom barefoot.

I'm not sure that's possible in my bedroom currently.

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